Director’s Message

We warmly welcome you to the website of the Center for Dropout Prevention & Alternative Education

The Center for Dropout Prevention & Alternative Education, designated by the Ministry of Education(MOE) and affiliated with the National Youth Policy Institute(NYPI) was established on march 18, 2014. In addition to the research functions necessary for establishing policy to prevent academic interruption and other functions such as analysis of current academic interruption issues, manual and program development, and performance uation, the center provides comprehensive support at the government level, such as training and consulting to enhance understanding of academic interruption, and strengthen alternative education capabilities. In addition, we assist metropolitan and provincial education offices in establishing and promoting policies to prevent academic interruption and support alternative education based on local circumstances. We ask for your sincere interest and assistance in order for the center to faithfully fulfill its role in preventing academic interruption and establishing and revitalizing alternative education.

Best Regards

Center Director, Seyoung Hwang